Front-end developer

I'm Alan Coppin

I'm Alan Coppin, 26 years old, Belgian interactive front-end developer with a big interest of design. Driven by my passion for the web, I try to learn and discover new things every day and create unique visuals and experiences.

I have a great thirst for knowledge and constantly learn new techniques, tools and workflows. I enjoy sharing my experiences and meeting new people. I'm actually learning React and Redux to improve my way to develop web application.

My skills include HTML5/CSS3, Javascript/jQuery/Ajax, PHP/SQL, Wordpress development (Template/Plugin), Responsive Design, SEO friendly, Google Analytics, Adobe suite, GSAP, Bootstrap, E-commerce (Prestashop-Woocommerce)

Outside the digital, I love sports, especially football and running. I like running in single track in the middle of nowhere.
I enjoy fly fishing in some rivers or lakes. Drinking and testing new beers is a real passion, I come from Belgium so it's for me a religion.

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